Political Consulting

IPSUMA is the best Political Consulting Firm across India, a combination of accessing current scenarios and analyzing to generate valuable insights. We help leaders create a good presence while covering the data, exit polls, evaluating voting trends and opinions. We foster ideas for leaders to grow using digital and traditional mediums and create a wave of popularity to win elections and rise with a strong leadership brand. We help our clients with synergistic and appealing groundwork while managing their constituencies in an effective manner.


Our team of professionals having hands-on experience in conducting opinion polls surveys and assure you of the most effective and unbiased poll results. We provide an enhanced reachability of a dynamic range of demographics with higher accuracy in results. A proper question pattern for research structured in a manner to get the most of the polling and get better insights of demographics.


Our Door to Door Campaign services are known for its effective results in a boost of popularity of candidates and influence people at large. IPSUMA helps you reach your goal with extensive research of the data collected from campaigning door-to-door holding validity in all aspects. We strategically set up canopies of the politician that not only brands the leader but also acts as center of approach for voters.


War Room Consulting a kind of political branding services to help you plan with strategies for activities to be performed in order to track down voters movement on an everyday basis. Our team of expert analysts will take care of following aspects abiding by political advertising norms and ethics:


Systematic collection of valuable data, web mining, competitive business analysis and profiling to help you in making informed decisions for your business. Our team of researchers observe industry best practices with the combinations of expertise in informatics and research systems for accurate statistical analysis. Research can be performed in accordance with the requirements of your business. We focus on different types of research and it can be explanatory, descriptive, analytical and exploratory.


We will convert your ideas of campaigns into actual campaigning by implementing them and offer you with the complete service of campaign management. Starting from planning, executing, tracking and analysing your campaign with constant monitoring of performance to meet the goals and needs. The clear segmentation for relevant audiences with defined criteria for marketing so as to reduce time for generating reports and evaluation campaign performance. Our campaign automation users develop content, strategy, timing and logic with best practices to ensure successful campaigns.


Our company enables businesses to build their own applications of Augmented reality and Virtual reality can infuse industry based knowledge and get customised solutions. Give your business a competitive advantage and work in a digital environment with effective solutions and gain excellence in the industry.


Social listening over both online and offline platforms with the general populace can get you better feedback and knowledge of the campaign development and alterations required to engage more voters. There is high visibility and influencing power of social listening platforms and getting connected to the audience in a seamless manner. Through our robust social listening services you will get managed and updated accounts, updated news and events and sharing of views. Our team of professionals will handle messages, feedback, comments and voice of the potential voters in both online and offline social media platforms.