Media and Events Services

We are focused in delivering services of advertising in business media and events through various media channels keeping up with the current trends. We represent your company finding suitable partners for projects and develop deals with expert giants in the media industry. We provide full-service marketing and with our solutions we encourage better communication with your clients for your products and services.


We convey your brand’s message aiming to market your product or service while targeting maximum audience through television advertising. We go thoroughly to your requirements and notable projects and find the best fit in marketing your brand and managing the content internally.


Marketing your product or service over social media platforms through key leaders or celebrity endorsements. The marketing campaign involves collaborations between celebrities, influencers and brands with the purpose to spread the word through their personal social handle. Influencer marketing will help your brand create ongoing conversations with consumers and recognize different consumer bases in different ways with more reach, repeat purchases and continuous engagement.


Our theater advertising campaigns leave a huge impact on the audience with sparking interest among them and also the demographic advantage of spreading the message of the brand tags along with it. The chances of skipping those advertisements are quite less therefore greater chances for audience engagement.


A cost effective approach for businesses who are looking for local television advertisements for local public reach we are here to help you get started with. Our focus is over content integration in local tv ads for a more innovative approach to marketing your brand and reach for maximum audience.


We provide creative and engaging ads while our tie up with many publication houses will allow your brand reach to a huge number of readers. The display ads, classified ads and innovative ads are the popular formats in our newspaper advertising. Display ads and classified ads are regular styles of advertising that can be in full page, half page and quarter page ads. Innovative ads involve pointer ads, samplings and ear panels that we offer.


Our company helps in increasing market share through radio advertising and drives customers' increasing response towards brands and generates better results. We create radio campaigns to help you reach your goals together with monitoring campaign performance and help setting up the pace to reach more audiences.


Our event planner team lay all the groundwork for your corporate events offering a wide range of tailor made services for your business needs. We handle local and regional events for corporates and other companies from conceptualization to completion of your event big or small not that it matters to us.


Online Seminars

We can help you host online seminars of any extent and coordinate with you to deliver a successful event in complete confidence. We also carry the capabilities to broadcast your seminar globally with our digital technology feature. The online registration for seminars can be smooth and quite at ease that we ensure.



An opportunity to build your brand image with fun and engaging contests online or offline to get the reach of most people and an engaging experience for users. We at IPSUMA promote the content of your brand in the form of contests and host it with good content to deliver value to your users.


Celebrity Management

IPSUMA offers a shedload of services in Celebrity management space to brighten up the event or launch of your company. Associate with us for the enthralling experience of the public and enhance the reach of your company with celebrity experiences.