Future of Digital Marketing: Constantly Changing Landscape

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The dramatic developments and changing technological landscape is happening with the increase in connectivity and demand for digital marketing. With the established digital infrastructure, the traditional digital modes of marketing SEO, SMM, Paid Media, Content and Community management are experiencing innovations in the era of technological advancements. The versatile digital landscape calls out marketers to keep an eye and stay on top with the latest trends in digital marketing.

Let’s dive into a few exciting trends of the digital marketing sphere focusing on functionality, customer experience, content curation and targeted advertising evolve around high-tech digital marketing.

Social media Innovation

Social media adoption has beaten previous records and enabled marketers to reach their audiences through their digital campaigns. The whole spectrum of social media has changed from socializing purpose to marketing and explicit advertising. But social media platforms are far from a static option due to constantly changing habits, temporary social media ‘detox’ trends and the biggest corona outbreak.

These changing landscapes affect social media platforms in differ ways affecting brand awareness campaigns, customer acquisitions and advertising strategies. The shifts happening in the function of social media platforms to more of a digital marketing platform is going to whole another level and companies are looking for new ways to collect consumer information in order to direct their marketing strategy. The implementation of changes over niche social platforms will create difficulties for marketers to stick to a particular pattern but to change inevitably.

A more advanced, compelling and direct social ads will encourage brands to opt for direct marketing from customers on social media. The recent trend of personalized ad experiences gaining momentum that delivers products and services dynamically with customer-centric content and the new features to reflect the new normal.

Artificial intelligence

The rise of digital convenience and the future of digital marketing lies in the integration of machine learning. Artificial intelligence is gaining strength so as to improve the landscape of customer support and services which can be a win-win proposition for both the businesses and customers. An exponential growth we are going to observe in the coming years in technology and might enhance social media and email marketing together.

The advanced micro-segmentation led by AI where others VR, chatbots and CX management are many of the growth areas on rise. Chatbots powered by AI understand complex customer requests and personalize responses which is going to be the next big thing in future in managing customer relationships.

Virtual reality will emerge as a clear winner among all with tools to offer that are engaging, easy interactive features and personalised experiences and allow users to connect with brands.

Influencer Marketing System

Influencer marketing is on the rise and gained popularity in recent years with top influencers on social media platforms like instagram, twitter, facebook and youtube attracting millions of followers. Influencers market products in a realistic way and incorporate storytelling that fits into customer’s daily life. Live content by influencers has become the biggest trend and an added element in marketing to bring awareness and share values by communicating in a natural way. With not many options but to stay home in this pandemic comes with an influx of live segments many brands have gone digital and showcase their content in a more raw form. Influencers participate in live streams partnering with brands and help selling out products in no time.

Brands are relying on influencers to communicate or present their message in a more realistic way in order to retain relevance of their ideal audience. There is a relatable connection between creators and customers which is an added advantage for creators in promoting brands.


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